Friday, 18 April 2014


Dear friends its my second last post on this blog.In fact there was a reason behind launching this blog and now when i feel that it has become impossible for me to work for that cause, i am shutting down this blog i wish you best of luck for your future. Stay blessed.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Ya i could not drop any post in this blog for a long time in fact as i told you last time that i was going to launch my website i have started two websites at a time for my one and only love. And very much busy in them. I donot have time even to read newspaper or watch talk shows on tv, its a tough job but i have no other choice. so good bye and please i don not know how to pray before you.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

how to avoid divorce

Divorce is not a solution of any problem in fact it is a curse so we should avoid it at any cost.Although divorce is not prohibited in Islam like Hinduism or Christianity but it is not appreciated..You can avoid break up by acting upon following instructions. 1.Believe on mutual co existence. 2.Avoid rude attitude. 3..Never hurt the self respect of your partner. 4.Beware of egoistic behavior. 5.Please for God's sake try to understand each others problems. 6.Plz never leave your partner in crises time. 7.Take this relation as a spiritual and sacred one. 8.Admit your mistakes when you are wrong. 9.Ignore the mistakes of your partner. 10.Avoid arguments. 11.Respect your partner from core of your heart. 12.Try to control your anger. 13.Respect the likes and dislikes of each other. 14.Never take divorce as an option. 15. Never tell a lie otherwise be prepare for facing the divine justice. Yes Almighty Allah will never forgive you for violating above mentioned rules. Try and see the results.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Answer to some quries

a viewer suggested me that name of this blog should be but i replied him that if she refuses to understand than what one can do and title the blog is voice of husbands which covers all the the things.Similarly a friend of mine said that name of the blog should be ,i replied him that let her decide about her fate independently if she does not want to meet you and you still want to meet her than carry on jatta you are impossible and need some more doze.A lady also commented that why you husbands think that you are always right and name of the blog is quite offensive.I replied her madam when someone cries for help how you can say that he is offensive,over logo or title save me from my wife is clearly defensive.How you can declare a sos call as an offensive call.It is also wrong that we represent just innocent husbands who don't claim to be 100 % right,we are human too and to err is human we just say that let us treat like human being not as your personal pet. We are ready to apologize in spite of being innocent but what about ego, ego, ego, and superiority complex which psychologists say that is the worse form of inferiority complex.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Hello buddies how are you.I know you were waiting for my new post sorry for late update. In fact i was busy in web master training,as you people know it takes some time but when some thing becomes your passion it becomes easier too.You need to work hard for at least  for one year to master this art.So don't mind if there comes a gap.You can ask any question to me any time.Idea of this blog is great but i shall work on this later. Just like you my only love has left me for her worldly desire wait and see the result but never pray against her.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Married life is like a jigsaw puzzle but you can solve this puzzle by following some happy married life tips.In this article we shall discuss some important tricks by which you can lead a happy matrimonial life.First you must be sincere with your partner as sincerity is the key of success.Never try to cheat your partner.In fact marriage is not only a social contract but also a spiritual relation.So keep this relation pure.Second thing is trust your partner, if you don't trust him or her this will be harmful for your relation.Tolerance is also another key for happy married life.Try to tolerate the habits of your partner ,you don't like and try to change them gradually with love.Some people say that they also love their partner but cannot express it.This is also a wrong attitude, remember love always needs expression.Ego is the worst enemy of married life.It never allow us to apologies or admit over mistakes, so avoid ego to save your relation.A brother asked me on email that his wife and her relatives say that we are 100 percent right and you are 100 percent wrong ,what i should do now.In fact this is the worst example of egoist attitude,in this situation if you can not leave your partner,just pray God to show right path to all of us and wait for divine decision.To err is human and no one can claim under the sky that he or she is 100% right.You close every door of settlement and dialogue by saying that we are 100 % right.So always try to be moderate in your attitude.Last but not least is never leave your partner in crisis time,if you don't have any spiritual or deep relation,you have at least bound to social contract of marriage.Time never remains same so  be patient and try to become the part pf solution not the part of problem. Last but not least your partner should not be afraid of your rude behavior otherwise how reconciliation in possible.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


OOH MY GOD you are impossible my friend, please try to understand your true emotions are worthless in the eyes of your wife. Please change your mental approach it is not necessary if you love her, she must love you.She has individual personality and priorities in life and she is not bound to follow you. Let her lead her life according to her wills,its her fundamental right.If you are right and sincere fellow GOD will never leave you alone. But life is trail too if she leaves you then just wait and see the result. So let her try her fate.I ensure you if you concentrate on real goal of life for what you was created you will succeed. Love is not a limited term please love is not restricted to wife you can love GOD,your family and human beings ,you will surely get true happiness in life in this case.Prove that you are not slave of love but slave of GOD.If your wife is slave of her ego, and you also behave like her than what will the difference between her and you.So for GOD sake donot become slave of love and prove that you are a different person who have bigger goal in life and who cannot compromise on his principles in life.But if you donot have any superior goal in life than my advice to you is please compromise and beg pardon to your wife in spite of her cruelty and wrong attitude and lead a life according to her worldly wishes. I can not ensure you that you will be succeeded in life or not as life is a trial period for every one.But i can ensure you that you will be successful in the life hereafter if you donot compromise on principles. Let her enjoy the life see her fate after one year of divorce.

why wives misunderstand us

Why wives misunderstand us? this a million dollar question but i will still try to answer this question.First of all they think that life is like a story of a movie because often they donot know about the realities of life .They think that real life is like a movie story and their husbands should behave like a hero of films.They don't  understand that life is not a fiction. Here hero has some other relations too. Husband also want to enjoy life but he also has to  run the cycle of life.He cannot leave every thing just for romance.Some wives are very possessive in nature.They can not tolerate  presence of any other family member in the life of their husband.In fact this is a very cruel attitude.Who can make them understand that a caring son, caring brother will prove a caring husband in future for them?In fact no one can do this.You have two options tolerate or leave your wife.But how long a husband can tolerate?i shall advice you till end of your life. But remember my prediction that she will destroy her life as well as yours. Listen her but act according to your conscience. Never forget your moral obligations towards your family.Some wives have very materialistic mental approach, they will not stand by you in crises time.In fact these are worst kinds of wives, i still advice you never leave your wife, may the time come in future when she realize her mistake or your crisis period comes to an end.But if she leaves you never call her back if once you did this,it will become her usual practice. I know that it is difficult task especially for love birds but my dear friend it is a bitter reality. Remember that Inshaa Allah such wives will never remain in their lives in spite of performing pilgrim. Guilty mind will chase them  till their death. They will see the cruel attitude of their family and will remember your love and sincerity in future. I advice you that if they demand divorce from you, leave an way to reemergence. Being a lawyer i can guide you personally that how it is possible.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have created this blog for innocent husbands.My dear brothers you are not alone or voiceless creature now.I  have provided a platform for you to express your grievances. We shall condemn cruel attitude of our wives in a gentle way. You can express your feelings now.But don't write real name of your wives.Its a forum for gentlemen lover husbands who can sacrifice their lives for their beloved wives. I hope that you people will not leave decency like your wives.