Wednesday, 1 January 2014

why wives misunderstand us

Why wives misunderstand us? this a million dollar question but i will still try to answer this question.First of all they think that life is like a story of a movie because often they donot know about the realities of life .They think that real life is like a movie story and their husbands should behave like a hero of films.They don't  understand that life is not a fiction. Here hero has some other relations too. Husband also want to enjoy life but he also has to  run the cycle of life.He cannot leave every thing just for romance.Some wives are very possessive in nature.They can not tolerate  presence of any other family member in the life of their husband.In fact this is a very cruel attitude.Who can make them understand that a caring son, caring brother will prove a caring husband in future for them?In fact no one can do this.You have two options tolerate or leave your wife.But how long a husband can tolerate?i shall advice you till end of your life. But remember my prediction that she will destroy her life as well as yours. Listen her but act according to your conscience. Never forget your moral obligations towards your family.Some wives have very materialistic mental approach, they will not stand by you in crises time.In fact these are worst kinds of wives, i still advice you never leave your wife, may the time come in future when she realize her mistake or your crisis period comes to an end.But if she leaves you never call her back if once you did this,it will become her usual practice. I know that it is difficult task especially for love birds but my dear friend it is a bitter reality. Remember that Inshaa Allah such wives will never remain in their lives in spite of performing pilgrim. Guilty mind will chase them  till their death. They will see the cruel attitude of their family and will remember your love and sincerity in future. I advice you that if they demand divorce from you, leave an way to reemergence. Being a lawyer i can guide you personally that how it is possible.
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