Sunday, 5 January 2014


Married life is like a jigsaw puzzle but you can solve this puzzle by following some happy married life tips.In this article we shall discuss some important tricks by which you can lead a happy matrimonial life.First you must be sincere with your partner as sincerity is the key of success.Never try to cheat your partner.In fact marriage is not only a social contract but also a spiritual relation.So keep this relation pure.Second thing is trust your partner, if you don't trust him or her this will be harmful for your relation.Tolerance is also another key for happy married life.Try to tolerate the habits of your partner ,you don't like and try to change them gradually with love.Some people say that they also love their partner but cannot express it.This is also a wrong attitude, remember love always needs expression.Ego is the worst enemy of married life.It never allow us to apologies or admit over mistakes, so avoid ego to save your relation.A brother asked me on email that his wife and her relatives say that we are 100 percent right and you are 100 percent wrong ,what i should do now.In fact this is the worst example of egoist attitude,in this situation if you can not leave your partner,just pray God to show right path to all of us and wait for divine decision.To err is human and no one can claim under the sky that he or she is 100% right.You close every door of settlement and dialogue by saying that we are 100 % right.So always try to be moderate in your attitude.Last but not least is never leave your partner in crisis time,if you don't have any spiritual or deep relation,you have at least bound to social contract of marriage.Time never remains same so  be patient and try to become the part pf solution not the part of problem. Last but not least your partner should not be afraid of your rude behavior otherwise how reconciliation in possible.
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