Wednesday, 1 January 2014


OOH MY GOD you are impossible my friend, please try to understand your true emotions are worthless in the eyes of your wife. Please change your mental approach it is not necessary if you love her, she must love you.She has individual personality and priorities in life and she is not bound to follow you. Let her lead her life according to her wills,its her fundamental right.If you are right and sincere fellow GOD will never leave you alone. But life is trail too if she leaves you then just wait and see the result. So let her try her fate.I ensure you if you concentrate on real goal of life for what you was created you will succeed. Love is not a limited term please love is not restricted to wife you can love GOD,your family and human beings ,you will surely get true happiness in life in this case.Prove that you are not slave of love but slave of GOD.If your wife is slave of her ego, and you also behave like her than what will the difference between her and you.So for GOD sake donot become slave of love and prove that you are a different person who have bigger goal in life and who cannot compromise on his principles in life.But if you donot have any superior goal in life than my advice to you is please compromise and beg pardon to your wife in spite of her cruelty and wrong attitude and lead a life according to her worldly wishes. I can not ensure you that you will be succeeded in life or not as life is a trial period for every one.But i can ensure you that you will be successful in the life hereafter if you donot compromise on principles. Let her enjoy the life see her fate after one year of divorce.
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