Monday, 13 January 2014

Answer to some quries

a viewer suggested me that name of this blog should be but i replied him that if she refuses to understand than what one can do and title the blog is voice of husbands which covers all the the things.Similarly a friend of mine said that name of the blog should be ,i replied him that let her decide about her fate independently if she does not want to meet you and you still want to meet her than carry on jatta you are impossible and need some more doze.A lady also commented that why you husbands think that you are always right and name of the blog is quite offensive.I replied her madam when someone cries for help how you can say that he is offensive,over logo or title save me from my wife is clearly defensive.How you can declare a sos call as an offensive call.It is also wrong that we represent just innocent husbands who don't claim to be 100 % right,we are human too and to err is human we just say that let us treat like human being not as your personal pet. We are ready to apologize in spite of being innocent but what about ego, ego, ego, and superiority complex which psychologists say that is the worse form of inferiority complex.
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