Thursday, 16 January 2014

how to avoid divorce

Divorce is not a solution of any problem in fact it is a curse so we should avoid it at any cost.Although divorce is not prohibited in Islam like Hinduism or Christianity but it is not appreciated..You can avoid break up by acting upon following instructions. 1.Believe on mutual co existence. 2.Avoid rude attitude. 3..Never hurt the self respect of your partner. 4.Beware of egoistic behavior. 5.Please for God's sake try to understand each others problems. 6.Plz never leave your partner in crises time. 7.Take this relation as a spiritual and sacred one. 8.Admit your mistakes when you are wrong. 9.Ignore the mistakes of your partner. 10.Avoid arguments. 11.Respect your partner from core of your heart. 12.Try to control your anger. 13.Respect the likes and dislikes of each other. 14.Never take divorce as an option. 15. Never tell a lie otherwise be prepare for facing the divine justice. Yes Almighty Allah will never forgive you for violating above mentioned rules. Try and see the results.
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